Oh dear - another year, another blog relaunch! When will I ever get around to making these blog posts regularly…

So, it’s been a long time since I have updated this blog - mainly, due to personal reasons. Currently, I’m way behind on both things that I want to do/learn, as a person. I feel like I haven’t learned enough about some of the MVC frameworks out there for JavaScript (such as Vue.JS), and I certainly feel like I haven’t learned enough about other programming languages, such as Python, Ruby, Rust, Go, and WASM.

Whilst I have learned more about MVC JS frameworks (such as Angular), and more about TypeScript (which, does have it’s own caveats, which I might explain in a blog post).

As a result, I’ve decided to create a “Personal Projects” page, documenting each of the projects and languages that I am planning to learn for a given time period.

That way, I can keep myself to those time-frames, and ultimately pressure myself slightly into learning more about technologies that I think are really cool.

In addition, I will also be keeping a reading list for all of the books that I plan to be reading for a given time period - in doing so, I can keep reading more about the figures in the software development community that are important to me (e.g. Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds, Eric S. Raymond, and other “founding fathers” of software development, as we currently understand it, as well as others).

Hopefully, at the end of each section, I will have enough time to write up a new blog post, regarding the topic at hand.

Depending on the project, I may update my GitHub account (eventually, at some point, a GitLab account) with a mirror to the source - the source to most projects will be kept under a Free, Libre and Open Source Software Licence. That way, I can correct any issues on my self-hosted Git instance, and mirror the copy onto GitHub when I am ready.

I plan to have at least a post a week - so, stay tuned!